Wrecking [adjective]

Definition of Wrecking:


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Sentence/Example of Wrecking:

They have found the books; they have understood them; and they are wrecking the place.

He shivered to think how near he had gone to wrecking all the happiness that lay ahead of him.

That is one of the points old Gladstone is wrecking the country on.

Cannot you see, woman, that by this language you are wrecking your last hope of safety?

He was dressed in sheepskins, and, I believe, lived by wrecking.

Then you don't want all the credit for wrecking the machine?

I take a chance in wrecking a fine friendship, to tell you about it.

In reality he was afraid he would be brought to account for wrecking the sloop.

But whoever had gone about the wrecking of the lab had gone about it in a workmanlike way.

You guard your dirty skins by wrecking ships upon the rocks.