Ruining [verb]

Definition of Ruining:

devastate, destroy

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruining:

Sentence/Example of Ruining:

The love of temporal dominion was ruining the Church of Rome.

My aunt Rosine was at Baden-Baden, ruining the whole family with a new "system."

We're ruining his paper for him, and when he gets able to read, it'll hurt him bad.

The financier is the people, and prevents Chase from ruining the country.

You talk glibly of ruining—but then you talk to a groom and lackey.

We were in danger of ruining all by a needless precipitancy.

By then, Simon was sick and tired of Barry ruining his moods.

He declared it was ruining his morals—that it made him "want to swear."

Them light French wines, they are ruining your constitution; I knew they would.'

Dan went to work with me, and do you know, it ended in ruining them both.