Fleece [verb]

Definition of Fleece:

plunder, steal

Synonyms of Fleece:

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Sentence/Example of Fleece:

This looks like a normal crewneck sweater, but it’s made from Polartec Power Air, a fleece material that sheds few fibers and moves easily when layered under other garments.

Often called microplastics, these fibers come from washing fleece and nylon fabrics.

This soft, snuggly, ankle-length fleece robe might help—it’s made from 330 GSM microfiber fleece to warm you up.

This fleece has been my go-to cozy layer after crisp fall runs.

I gave up on fleeces a few years ago, because most brands made theirs too thin, so they weren’t very warm and eventually wore out.

Watch took charge of it at once, pressing his warm body against the frosty fleece, and licking its face and feet to warm them.

Dealers in wool, acting as selling agents for owners, and buying agents for fleece merchants of Berry.

Then he shoved the weapon into Denton's hand, and hurried him over the shingle with the remark, 'Now chuck off the fleece, Peter.

In the sheep, it may be returned in its fleece, its carcass, or its progeny; and in the swine only by its progeny and flesh.

Fig. 20 is a spirited cut of a variety of the Merino without dewlap, and with a long and somewhat open fleece.