Gouge [noun]

Definition of Gouge:

groove, hole

Synonyms of Gouge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gouge:


Sentence/Example of Gouge:

I had four and a half rows to trim, and then the whole orchard to go over with paint pot and gouge and cement.

But he finished the task at last and began to gouge a channel in the planking close to the other ribs.

It was as though a giant had taken a gouge and cut a bay right through the sea cliffs.

A small gouge would assist the penknife, and render the operation less difficult.

He was honest enough still for that, though he had not the courage to admit how deep a gouge the luncheon made in his savings.

This is a one and one-eighth inch pointed gouge, 54, long ground and very sharp and thin.

For the notch, make a deep cut with a gouge, and cut the chip straight across with knife point or small chisel.

If the wound dries before the season is over, deepen it a little by boring again, or by taking out a small piece with a gouge.

This was just jungle war, the war of gouge and bite, confused, unreal.

The growths can now be removed by means of the gouge and mallet.