Furrow [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Furrow:

"He wouldn't be likely to notice you if you crept along the bottom of a furrow," Mr. Blackbird assured Grandfather Mole.

I picked up the handles and lifted the plough around, setting the point to the new furrow.

In fact, there had never been an owner for the land nor a furrow turned here since the dawn of creation.

Oar and keel, pebble and arrow, wind and current, are alike powerless to make a furrow that shall last.

Behind him wavered a long, deep-gouged furrow-trail, pitiful attest of suffering.

Across his back there was a furrow through his fur, and a long scab where a bullet had raked him.

The epigynum of this form was extremely undeveloped, having only a small epigastric furrow with depressions at either end.

The epigynum consists of a long epigastric furrow with a large lip-like opening near its median line.

He was thus, as he said, the first Englishman who "plowed a furrow around the globe."

His hair, already silvered, and carefully dressed, seemed to furrow his head with streaks of black and white alternately.