Crease [noun]

Definition of Crease:

fold, wrinkle

Synonyms of Crease:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crease:


Sentence/Example of Crease:

I was just contemplating its structure — its creases and corners.

Fold the corners on the crease down so they meet in the middle.

Unlike folding phones that have bending glass screens, the Duo has two distinct screens separated by a clearly visible air gap at the crease in the middle of the device.

En I reck'n de wives quarrels considable; en dat 'crease de racket.

Keep the solution boiling until the segments are cooked so soft that folding them leaves no crease.

The clip is slipped over the fold inside of the hat which forms the bottom part of the crease.

Average Jones smiled with almost affectionate admiration at the crease along the knee of his carefully pressed trousers.

Now it sparkled gently in his glass and he sighed, letting a smile crease his lean homely face.

The Malay, with a howl of exultation, made at them with uplifted crease.

Over it is laid the linen cloth, the middle crease running the length of the table exactly in the middle.