Corrugation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Corrugation:

During this energetic action the whole fabric is kept in a state of corrugation, and to such extent is rigid.

Small cooking bowl, remarkable for corrugation representing the rising of the boiling waters of a flood.

The floor underfoot was quite different—more of a metallic quality with a curious corrugation.

Only now there were no rocks or bowlders, and the ground was smoother and with a peculiar corrugation.

Then the roof, with a nail in every corrugation, in the concaves instead of the convexes, and the mansion wanted but a floor.

Your only assistance to get a grip is a slight corrugation on the barrel, only wide enough for your thumb and forefinger to hold.

Nor can I imagine now what I may have meant by the "corrugation" on a dish.

From the wrists to the elbow, the lines of boys could see a solid corrugation of white V-shaped stripes.

Purdee leaned over and eagerly pointed with his ramrod to a curious corrugation of the surface of the rock.

It must be freely lubricated by ways leading to each collar or corrugation, and so situated that it is accessible for examination.