Fold [noun]

Definition of Fold:

double thickness

Synonyms of Fold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fold:

Sentence/Example of Fold:

Maybe it’s because I’m right-handed or maybe it’s because the camera is on the right side of the fold, but I occasionally found it awkward to fold the phone and take a picture.

Millions of Americans don’t have access to traditional financial services, and Schulman says he believes that smartphones and online platforms provide an opportunity to build a more inclusive economy that brings them into the fold.

Even with the new glass, however, you can still expect to see a fold crease on the screen.

That’s crucial, Torto says, because it demonstrates that 4VA could function to both bring solitary locusts into the fold of the swarm, as well as maintain a swarm’s cohesiveness over time.

Cuts and folds can transform a flat piece of paper into a 3-D work of art.

The rim additionally featured complex folds at various points for lateral protection to the face.

With a power over nature multiplied a hundred fold, nature still conquers us.

Fleurette he did not meet until he brought back the sight-seers to the fold in the evening.

The second High-Pockets produced a worn bill-fold and extracted a pink union permit.

If you use an envelope, and this custom is now universal, fold your letter neatly to fit into it; then direct on the envelope.