Smoothness [noun]

Definition of Smoothness:


Synonyms of Smoothness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smoothness:


Sentence/Example of Smoothness:

Cody's planes are noted for their neatness, rigidity and smoothness.

They praised his eyes' alertness, the smoothness of his muscles.

Smoothness, color and thickness are other attributes of the bark to be noted.

All about her she could feel the smoothness of a falling trap.

Boat Frank was very proud of the smoothness and polish of his trays.

He was mildly surprised at the smoothness with which matters proceeded.

Then a wing is carved off, and lastly a leg, which he polishes to the smoothness of a drumstick.

Lady Delahaye disturbed the smoothness of my turf with the point of her parasol.

They had mixed so thoroughly and subtly that they merged in her smoothness and her roundness.

Life was not good-natured enough for smoothness such as that.