Crinkle [verb]

Definition of Crinkle:

crumple, ruffle

Synonyms of Crinkle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crinkle:

Sentence/Example of Crinkle:

Ginger cookies are a holiday staple in my family, and these crinkle cookies remix the traditional version.

Probably the prettiest box I got was from Lesley Suter, which was filled with crinkle paper and maple sandwich cookies perfectly bound together.

All at once the crinkle of a chill ran across the Chevalier's shoulders.

In handling the pasted guards care is needed not to stretch them, or they may cause the sheet to crinkle as they dry.

It made your heart crinkle up like a handful of tinsel to watch the tin-foil buds change into presents.

I was over there the other day, and I couldn't even hear the crinkle of one bigger than $10!

“He looks it,” remarked Miss Peggy, regarding the lanky, stooping figure with a crinkle of disdain in her saucy little nose.

Every time Joan put her handkerchief to her eyes you could see a little quiver of emotion crinkle along the faces of the files.

"I am," replied Colonel Crinkle, a dapper-looking Nome, as he stepped forward to salute his monarch.

Sandy, looking down at her, saw her eyes crinkle at the corners in the old way.