Wreathe [verb]

Definition of Wreathe:

crush, wrinkle

Synonyms of Wreathe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wreathe:

Sentence/Example of Wreathe:

A sweet spirit will tune the voice, wreathe the countenance in charms.

It is but making her a flaunting paradox to wreathe her in gems and flowers.

Paul would stop from time to time to wreathe flowers in her hair.

How could she go back to town, Poppea thought, and wreathe her hair and sing?

He thought a moment: he did what he could to wreathe it in smiles.

It was in her power for a time to wreathe him with incongruous objects.

O let me tend about you, And let me wreathe your brow and limbs with flowers.

And laugh of glee, and song of mirth, then wreathe their merry twine.

See the smiles as they wreathe themselves on his chubby countenance.

Ah, "fools and blind," you little know that you are making a garland of imperishable beauty to wreathe around His brow!