Derange [verb]

Definition of Derange:

make crazy; confuse

Synonyms of Derange:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derange:

Sentence/Example of Derange:

Their common Parent, so tender, appears to derange the order of nature to manifest his anger.

Instead of this, too frequently the child is urged to take more, and thus derange the stomach.

His vote given without knowledge might derange the whole system.

Miss Spangles cocked an ear and began to derange the surface of the road with a shapely foreleg.

The general effect of the change would be to derange the whole of the present system.

He, the officer, must befoul his person and derange his hours of rest and recreation, that others may enjoy.

Nothing except an act of God—as they say on the back of your steamer ticket—can 230 derange my plans.

Sedatives may destroy nervous influence; or they may simply derange it.

Every one was all eyes and ears for a spectacle which might derange the admitted ideas of kings.

Earthquakes may, and no doubt frequently do, derange their mechanism, as observed in the old Strokr.