Unhinge [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unhinge:

The music that emanated from this group was enough to unhinge the mind.

If I once give way to favour or sentiment, I unhinge my whole system.

I've gone through enough to unhinge any woman's mind; but, no, I am not mad.

The catlike creeping in between him and his constituents had also served to unhinge him.

But all this is but a vain imagination, fit only to unhinge weak minds.

It was enough to unhinge any man, they said—that mysterious loss of his mate.

She feared I might unhinge it and carry it away, or something of that sort, I suppose.

This will unhinge and overturn all polities, and, instead of government and order, leave nothing but anarchy and confusion.

But Schubart was now grown an adept in banishment; so trifling an event could not unhinge his equanimity.

Not that I have any intentions, however, so fixed that the course of the story may not serve to unhinge them.