Uncouple [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Uncouple:

There was no need for the firemen to uncouple a line of hose from the reel.

Tell Pedro the moment he hears the bell ring to uncouple the rear car.

It will then uncouple, discharge one hopper, and go back on Mass-Time.

I've got to get to the rear now, to uncouple a car we have to leave here.

Andrews told his engineer to uncouple the baggage car from the box car, and then wait for him.

I would give a signal for him to uncouple his engine and follow at full speed.

Dragged backwards behind the female, the poor fellow strives to uncouple himself.

Nothing was left to do save, as the Ambassador said, to "uncouple the dogs of war and let them run."

These at once hurried forward and began to uncouple the engine with its tender and three baggage-cars.

To get them out it was necessary to uncouple a number of pipes, cams, gears and wires.