Marry [verb]

Definition of Marry:

become husband and wife in legal ceremony

Synonyms of Marry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Marry:

Sentence/Example of Marry:

Should you have thought she'd marry so soon after her divorce?

He seems too decent to marry that way—and yet it's the only way I could marry him.

She'd marry me—she'd marry you, if you was the best thing in sight.

She wa'n't meant fur it—and I'd rather have her marry an American, anyhow.

The only member of that household I could marry is not suited to my age.

And Avice Milbrey was to marry Shepler, the triumphant money-king.

Or perhaps it's a brutal revenge on me,—after thinking I'd only marry for money.

If he had married her—if they were married now—then you would feel free to marry me?

And when my brother was about to marry that woman, and Mr. Shepler asked me to marry him, I consented.

Out of three brothers of us, you know, there was but one had courage to marry.