Conjugate [verb]

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By far the most important of the conjugate sulphates and representative of the group is potassium indoxyl sulphate.

I had an old maid English teacher when I was a boy who made us conjugate to like instead of the more intimate and tender word.

When at last I dozed, in sheer exhaustion of mind and body, it became a vast shadowy verb which I had to conjugate.

I warrant we shall smile some day at our present desperate straits, and meanwhile "to wait" is the verb we must conjugate.'

When two ciliated infusoria conjugate they place themselves side by side, and connect for a time by means of a bridge of plasm.

The verb s'ennuyer was one he often felt obliged to conjugate, in his evenings at the Hold.

Let us have done now with this troublesome verb altogether, and conjugate our return to Oxford instead.

There is no just reason why a young lady should not knead her dough and conjugate a Greek verb at the same time with equal skill.

These conjugate by means of short transverse tubes, after the manner of the threads of Zygnema.

The threads which conjugate to form the zygospores are slender and erect on the surface of the substratum.