Meld [verb]

Definition of Meld:

blend, bring together

Synonyms of Meld:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meld:

Sentence/Example of Meld:

When the cards were dealt, it fell the dog's turn to meld first.

He had been interrupted with a meld of a hundred and twenty.

I told you before lots of times, if you got the extra ten, get rid of your meld first.

An censes inveniri posse Lugdun, Meld, aut alibi in Galliis qui nos ad hc juvare velint.

When you look at the wall paper does your brain do a sort of loop-the-loop and cause you to meld 100 aces or double pinochle?

I fear my recollection may meld one or two visits that occurred in March.