Associate [noun]

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An extra review of the warrant by a commanding officer could have assessed the risk associated with acting on information that was reportedly wrong and outdated.

Forty-three percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in the Pew Research Center survey said voter fraud is a “major problem” associated with mail-in ballots.

That also means that there is hope for companies which are associated with the most unsustainable practices.

Potential transparency policies to improve patient safetyIn a research paper studying the risks associated with excipients, my co-author and I make three main recommendations to improve patient safety.

On TikTok, audio is often a key component of hashtag challenges, with particular clips of music associated with specific challenges.

For twenty years, it was a good location, with reliable foot traffic, and few of the responsibilities associated with a street-facing storefront.

We’re told there’s a V-Four Honda and associated running gear under the DOX-designed plastic bodywork.

Jeffrey Clemens is an associate professor of economics at the University of California San Diego.

The reason we associate rhythm with the significance of time is that rhythm is a measurer of time.

He did not know what the scent was, but it smelled rich and artificial, and he disliked to associate it with his new friend.