Comrade [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Comrade:

Footage from later in the day shows Oath Keepers dragging a wounded comrade out of the building.

Brought up as a conservative Catholic, his first shock was to find that many of his new comrades were socialists or communists.

No revolutionary could be sure whether anyone was a true comrade or a police informer.

When he realized a defective hand grenade was about to blow, he cupped it in his hand and held it against his leg so the shrapnel would not hit his comrades.

At Wagram, when all seemed lost, Napoleon called on his old comrade to sacrifice himself with his cavalry.

You baito where you are,” he commanded, bidding a comrade summon an officer, “or somebody who can talk the lingo.

So, much to their chagrin, the guerrillas gave up the chase and went to attend to their dead comrade.

They were utterly unreliable, yet their tale-bearing in Delhi might bring instant disaster to Malcolm and his native comrade.

"The time will come," said Winston dryly, to hide what he felt, for his comrade's simple avowal had been wonderfully eloquent.

The trooper went out, and when his comrade came in, Stimson laid a strip of paper before him.