Cohort [noun]

Definition of Cohort:

partner in activity

Synonyms of Cohort:

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Sentence/Example of Cohort:

Forage did not disclose efficacy information, but said that “some” corporate partners hired up to 52% of the cohort from their programs.

Core to the WSJ’s digital ad buoyancy is its cohort of business-to-business advertiser clients.

Not only that, in deferring to the women in their lives, these investors weren’t even consulting the right demographic cohorts.

What we can say with confidence is that software shares are in a technical correction, and other equities cohorts that we care about are not far behind.

So, DTC startups are looking to capitalize on the exponential growth they are seeing right now by trying to figure out how they can better cater to this new cohort of Covid customers.

Their cohorts were quarantined for two weeks, but still “were able to have a camp experience … and continue to have fun and play together,” Blaisdell says.

Among each of the cultural cohorts considered, OTT services and on-CTV devices were identified as the go-to experience for co-viewing video.

CNN’s monthly digital press releases compile how the network fares among the top cohort of big publishers like The New York Times, NBC News, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, and others.

Nice as it would be for all of those pay-TV subscribers to sign up for the networks’ subscription-based streamers, the networks are unlikely to convert that entire cohort.

Scientists continued to collect data as Jennifer and other children in her cohort grew up.