Opponent [noun]

Definition of Opponent:

person with whom one competes

Synonyms of Opponent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Opponent:

Sentence/Example of Opponent:

Avoid me—place yourself in the condition of my opponent, and beware.

A speech by an opponent, who is known as an harangue-outang.

In the act of striking him, the torrent of his opponent's rage had reached a stop.

It was a battle of one against an opponent who had no idea battle was intended.

After which he and his opponent bowed to the tribunal, and departed.

The friend snatched at her opponent's ear jewels, and tore the ear.

They were Captain Eri's battle-flags, and just now his opponent was the gray Atlantic.

But it seemed that he had left out of his reckoning something which his opponent had counted in.

Thus his opponent will be put at more than usual disadvantage in the investigation.

The opponent must be killed; there could be no half-measures here.