Opposer [noun]

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I would a thousand times rather have you a reformer than an opposer of reforms.

At Nottingham he had a controversy with Rice Jones, an opposer of the earlier visit.

Now the opposer had been destroyed, and no further obstacle stood in his path.

The dissuader and opposer of the agrarian law now began to be popular.

Her husband was a cripple, almost helpless, an unbeliever, and to some extent an opposer of religion.

They last for about two and a half hours, the proposer and opposer occupying usually an hour between them.

D——'s encomiums have rendered my humility still prouder; they are indeed superb, and worthy of an opposer of the German war.

In the New Testament, also, the term Satan is sometimes used to signify merely an opposer.

I swore, as doctors will, that so long as I could obtain a potato and a clam a day I would remain while he was my opposer.

This good man has since become an earnest anti-suffragist and opposer of the movement for the higher education of women.