Fan [noun]

Definition of Fan:

blower of air

Synonyms of Fan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fan:


Sentence/Example of Fan:

In his statement, Stepien called the Big Ten’s decision “huge news, not just for college football fans, but for all Americans looking for key indicators that we can reopen our society and our economy, and do so safely.”

With fans unable to experience in-venue activations, many sponsors have also ramped up their activations on social media.

Even though they make money off the service through sponsorships and donations from fans, they make sure not to get too attached.

Most chips today are cooled by using thermal materials to transfer heat from components to a large metal heat sink that dissipates the energy to the air, possible with the help of a fan.

Suffice it to say Strzok is not a fan of the 45th President of the United States.

I’m a big fan of Simon Sinek, who is a British-born American author and motivational speaker.

I asked Thom Mayer how the players union thinks about fans in the stands.

A heatsink sits above the memory and GPU cards and a fan blows the hot air out of the chassis.

Back at my house, I sat in front of my fan and my HEPA filter.

The idea is similar to how TikTok is competing against Instagram — win over creators and their fans will follow — but with the added hope that the fans’ loyalty to their favorite creators will extend to the platform supporting them.