Helper [noun]

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Killer T-cells recognize and destroy infected cells, while helper T-cells assist the immune system in orchestrating its defenses.

So the project aims instead to remove other genes, for proteins called proteases that the flu—and covid-19—require as helper molecules to effectively enter cells.

Ultimately, it’s in my nature to be a helper, and in the business of PR you have to have the kind of personality that is always willing to think big, do more and push harder.

Google Maps and Google Assistant, the company’s voice-activated helper, will also get new features for finding polling locations.

The idea of a helper robot has been around for decades, but it has already begun to gain more real-world traction, especially in countries such as Japan where an aging population could cause shortages in support staff.

If Embiid puts it on the floor, the helper comes all the way over, and everyone else shifts position accordingly.

Some are data qubits, which store information, and others are helper qubits, called ancillas.

He had great faith in the opinions of his little helper, and was always ready to revise his own judgment if hers contradicted it.

She holds up an ideal of a higher type—a woman who shall be man's intellectual companion, and his helper in the battle of life.

The party was therefore disbanded, and the yet sanguine leader, with Hamilton for his sole helper, continued the work alone.