Abettor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abettor:

Of course, old Mole was represented as Harkaway's chief adviser, and his aider and abettor in the late pasha's death.

I have acted as a woman of my rank should act; and I am surprised to find in you an advocate and abettor of misconduct.

If the nurse was the prime mover in the plot Jean was an unrelenting abettor.

Jules Favre proposes to this base Chamber, the abettor of our disasters, the humus of the Empire, to seize upon the government.

Miss Glidden is still bent upon crossing, and your wife is her willing abettor.

The judge began by ordering her forty strokes for having acted as an abettor of corruption.

Leave thee to face double punishment, mine as a runaway slave, and thine as his abettor?

The English Chief in that province had been the silent witness, most probably the abettor and accomplice, of all these horrors.

When he was in the eyes of the world a criminal—an aider, abettor, lurer-away of youth and impulsiveness?

Her execution was owing to her being an accomplice or abettor in the foul act which was justified by law.