Supporter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Supporter:

Woe to him who is not the keeper of his own conscience—the supporter of his own resolution!

Templeton became the sole friend, comforter, and supporter of the daughter.

While hydrogen is readily combustible, it is not a supporter of combustion.

Captain Mayo gave his supporter a glance of mingled astonishment and relish.

He had known before that his father was a supporter of the United Irishmen.

The advocate waited for the supporter of the law to open his case.

He was a supporter of the house of Stuart, and was made poet laureate.

It was plain that he was known as a belligerent, a supporter of Professor Frazer.

“Mr. Weston can count on at least one supporter,” said Wannop, shortly.

You have been the supporter of the family since your poor father was taken away.