Booster [noun]

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The Falcon 9 used for this launch is a rarity these days – a brand new vehicle, including a booster being used for the first time.

It also held a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, offered grants to local organizations and even funded its own booster group.

Following the automated abort of the rocket at T-7 seconds, both the booster and its valuable National Reconnaissance Office payload were said to be safe.

He left Louisville early after being accused of using a Honda Accord given to his father by a booster.

Because the body may develop antibodies to the adenovirus carrying the spike protein, a booster shot with that same virus might be rendered useless.

Three weeks later, they received booster injections of the engineered adenovirus 5 component.

The technology has never worked great — it’s never produced all the data that boosters of the program promised.

He was a booster and a joiner, but behind all of his activities was a wistful wonder as to what life holds.

Touch-the-button-Nell was talking to a tall fair-moustached man whom I recognised as a black-jack booster.

The ship's rockets thrust again—and the booster-circuit came into play.