Sponsor [noun]

Definition of Sponsor:

person who helps, promotes

Synonyms of Sponsor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sponsor:

Sentence/Example of Sponsor:

No sponsor ever gave the new arrival a mug or a silver spoon.

Once this task has been performed, we will sponsor your entry into present day society.

And in order to take the exams you have to find a sponsor who's already in the guild.

But you have to post bond for your sponsor, too—five thousand credits.

You forget I am your sponsor, and,” she added gently, “I am more than that.

Remember, you are still a sick man, and I am sponsor for your illness.

A new regime was ushered in––and she who had been its sponsor was not there to see it.

Desist, or I will baptize you in the well as Philip did the Ethiopian, without a sponsor.

I bid you welcome to the Thomahlia, and I offer you my services, as guide and sponsor.

I am only a temporary member and do not want to embarrass my sponsor.