Benefactor [noun]

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Those subsidies will soon end as its benefactors start making more and more of their own EVs.

It ensnared freelancers like writers, musicians, and others who gig for a living and get paid by multiple benefactors.

The insurer has refused to identify the benefactor other than to say it was not a person or company doing business with the plan.

The company is among the top business benefactors of the pandemic, which has displaced millions of workers from office buildings and sped up digital transformation.

While the share of the company’s loans that lead to lawsuits may seem low, they said the rate is far higher than that of its peers — particularly for a lender that paints itself as a flexible benefactor.

Georges d'Amboise a French cardinal and statesman, died; a great benefactor to France.

It is said to be not unusual, for the peasantry of Liverpool, to speak of Mr. Bell, as a benefactor of the emigrant domestics.

Died in the latter part of 1829 at the age of fifteen, shortly after the death of his benefactor, the physician.

Whether Daudet was as much at liberty to make free with the character of his benefactor Morny is another matter.

Mademoiselle de Langeais even came down a few steps, to meet their benefactor the sooner.