Assistant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assistant:

Mimi Gehin, a director’s assistant for global production company Stink Films, lives with five other people in a warehouse in East London.

That shared trait, he said, may help researchers find a way to get proof assistants to, in some sense, explain themselves.

Fitbit had more success with the $200 Versa, released in 2018, and last year’s follow up, the Versa 2, which first added the ability to connect with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa.

Jessie Buckley is fantastic as her long-suffering British assistant Rosalyn Wilder and Rufus Sewell is fascinating as Judy’s third husband Sid Luft.

Hannah Kerner is an assistant research professor at the University of Maryland in College Park.

With digital voice assistants in use expected to reach eight billion by 2023, now is as good a time as any to start optimizing your event pages with schema markup.

He had to bring back custodial workers, teaching assistants, principals and teachers.

They had become acquainted more than two years earlier, Mead as an undergraduate at Barnard College, Benedict as her teaching assistant.

An assistant manager at the Manhattan grocery store where he’d worked for 25 years, he closed up shop for the night.

Hubbard has twice served in government — in the early 1990s as deputy assistant secretary for tax analysis in the Treasury.