Stranger [noun]

Definition of Stranger:

person who is unfamiliar

Opposite/Antonyms of Stranger:

Sentence/Example of Stranger:

"Stranger, thou hast not yet learned the fashions of Athens," said Anaxagoras, gravely.

He quickly turned the boat to the shore, and the stranger jumped on board.

"Nothing but a half loaf, and that's dry enough," muttered the stranger.

But for the stranger's presence it would have been attended to two hours earlier.

The boy came forward, and examined the stranger with curiosity.

London for the stranger has a steady-going, hearty hospitality.

In this he resembled a dog who barks when a stranger approaches.

Of course, you are ready to side with a stranger against your own son.

"No—I haven't said so yet," said the stranger, rather sharply.

"I must speak to him myself, sir," replied the stranger, coldly.