Guest [noun]

Definition of Guest:

person accommodated, given hospitality

Synonyms of Guest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Guest:

Sentence/Example of Guest:

I never dare venture over except as the guest of some more fortunate friend.

Not a week passed which did not find the former, once, twice, or three times a guest at the proud man's table.

When Stanhope entered to him, he found his guest lying on a sofa, in a high state of fever, both from his wounds and agitation.

In such a case, he may go to the house of the noble Spaniard who was his uncle's guest at Lindisfarne.

Certainly, my son; it is always proper to offer food to a guest who takes refuge under our roof.

Pedro flew to obey his lady, and she proceeded along the gallery to the apartment of her guest.

Now she knew why her expected guest had not come last night, or remembered to send an excuse.

Bruder Kalkmann stopped indulgently, smiling, to allow his guest a moment's inspection.

In 1851 she visited Birmingham and was a welcome guest until "someone blundered" and charged her with being an impostor.

Several artist's sketches arrested her guest's attention and he wondered what her life in Paris had been.