Partaker [noun]

Definition of Partaker:

person who takes part in activity

Synonyms of Partaker:

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Sentence/Example of Partaker:

I was a partaker of all the feelings that were passing in their minds.

He sees in every man a partaker of his own nature, and a brother of his own species.

How she envied their happiness, but she did not feel that she was, or ever could be, a partaker with them.

You will here be partaker of their guilt, and hereafter of their plagues.

First be partaker of the new life, and then put off the old man with his deeds.

He seemed to be a partaker in what he felt to be her suffering and Tanqueray's shame.

Otherwise what will be my fate seeing I am, in a certain degree, partaker with them?

Time only is needed, I am convinced, to make him a partaker of her gifts.

It was the mission of Rome to make the Gaul the partaker of her tongue and culture.

How then can I become a partaker of his peace if I am not a partaker of his nature?