Spectator [noun]

Definition of Spectator:

person who watches event

Synonyms of Spectator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spectator:

Sentence/Example of Spectator:

She said, "The Spectator is not what it used to be in my father's time."

Instead of trying to be the hero of his own history, he seeks to be the spectator of his own tragedy.

I don't say who the man was, and I had nothing to do with the matter in any way except as a spectator.

But it is this peculiar difference which renders them interesting and charming to the spectator.

I used to turn as red as a poppy when I happened to meet the eye of some spectator.

Her reading was mostly in the Spectator, or in one of De Foe's works.

Suffering as he was, he resolved to be a spectator of what passed, and to watch narrowly.

Spectator: Certainly a book which has not merely cleverness but real vitality.

This number the spectator dialed on the phone Mr. Grace carried.

The King was in a galley as spectator; the Queen was in another.