Aide [noun]

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The aide spoke on the condition of anonymity to freely discuss the process.

The Commerce panel will first be reaching out to the companies to try to schedule a hearing, a committee aide told Axios.

Meanwhile Prospect sought to cut costs by reducing the workforce, trimming benefits and tightly monitoring each hospital’s patient count throughout the day from its LA headquarters, sending nurses and aides home whenever possible in mid-shift.

During the frenzied early days of the pandemic in Chicago, she and her aides invited all 50 aldermen to join telephone and video briefings as often as several times a week.

Sometimes, principals use cutouts — aides who speak to reporters — to give themselves plausible deniability.

Kelvin Barrios, a City Council candidate and former aide to Council President Georgette Gómez, collected a salary from his current union employer while he was still working in Gómez’s office.

Mark Simon, a top aide to Lai and an American citizen, is also wanted, but is not in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, he had been selected as aide-de-camp by General d'Ure de Molans.

The Marshal never forgave the aide-de-camp who had thus urged him to spend his money.

His excellency took one end of the table, and an aide-de-camp the other: I was seated between M. and Madame do Rego.