Superior [adjective]

Definition of Superior:

better, greater, higher; excellent

Opposite/Antonyms of Superior:

Sentence/Example of Superior:

Some other men and a woman were scanning the hoisting machinery with superior looks.

But Viviette regarded him with a smile--the smile of woman's superior wisdom.

The granite of the mountains is superior to the celebrated Quincy.

Our superior rank places us in the front row of the procession.

The training by her father, too, had been of a superior kind.

Miss Wardwell swelled with importance and let her superior ask her twice.

Strathay has really gone, spirited away by that superior cousin.

Even if he won her it must be almost entirely because of a superior diplomacy.

Eliza replied, with the superior air of one who knows all about things.

Very early in this tale it was my pride to explain that my mother was a superior woman.