Meek [adjective]

Definition of Meek:

shy; compliant

Opposite/Antonyms of Meek:

Sentence/Example of Meek:

Anaxagoras retained his usual bland expression and meek dignity.

Good, meek creature:—But you were upon your overtures just now!

But that mild and meek man had a certain strength of pertinacity.

But Alice was supposed to be a widow; and Alice was so meek, so docile, so motherly.

Learn of Me that I am meek and lowly, and ye shall find rest to your souls.

I thought of your reprehensions, and was meek, though not pleased.

Bagley was, indeed, as meek as he could be in his manner of inquiry.

My father was as meek, and pious, and humble a Christian as ever thumped a pulpit.

Diabolus, 'meek as a lamb,' said he was a neighbour of theirs.

Gervaise was always so amiable, meek as a lamb, sweet as sugar.