Humble [adjective]

Definition of Humble:

meek, unassuming

Opposite/Antonyms of Humble:

Sentence/Example of Humble:

Like people, sometimes you can have an exceptional storm arise from very humble origins.

A humble microchip in the early 1960s would have boasted a handful of transistors.

They’re not the only ones trying to boost the functionality of the humble brick.

These ad units are much less annoying than other video types, but they’re also cost-effective tools that drive upper-funnel and bottom-funnel goals for companies with humble ad budgets.

Despite its humble beginnings, Urban Dictionary has made quite a name for itself and continues to grow, with new entries every day.

Sick, trembling, her beautiful face humble and tearful enough now, she bent it on his shoulder in a shower of bitter tears.

This man by hard, manual labor makes only enough to pay for humble shelter and plain food.

He at once bowed himself to the ground in gratitude, and in words of the most humble sort returned his thanks.

In my humble opinion the Railway Commissioners have done much useful work and done it well.

He was a weaver in humble life till his self-acquired attainments attracted patronage.