Retiring [adjective]

Definition of Retiring:

shy, undemonstrative

Synonyms of Retiring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retiring:

Sentence/Example of Retiring:

"Most willingly," said Virginia, retiring as Lady Delacour advanced.

I took no notice: but on her retiring, I found my cloaths were not in the usual order.

What came before the retiring could have been but a prelude.

He remained reserved, retiring, inconspicuous, and puzzling to our understanding.

Consequently,' said the other gentleman, retiring on his main position, 'why Row?'

Then retiring, he went to the other end of the house, to be out of the way.

Having set this before him, the landlord was retiring, when he motioned him to stay.

Instead of retiring, they sent for reenforcements which were promised to them.

It is there one sees Paris retiring to rest in all her glory.

"It is impossible for this state of things to continue," he said to his wife, as they were retiring to rest.