Shrinking [adjective]

Definition of Shrinking:


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Sentence/Example of Shrinking:

These shrinking hairs, they feared not death, but they seemed to fear Malbone.

"Not so—not so," said the Dominican, shrinking from those fierce eyes.

"No, no," she gasped, shrinking into the corner of the carriage.

"I will listen," she said, shrinking as yet from other speech.

My mother did all she could for her, but was much baffled by her reserve and shrinking.

Shrinking, almost shivering, he still managed to hold himself together.

The mob was dissolving into thin smoke, and the horizon was shrinking.

He had a shrinking will; his instinct in an emergency was to back away from things.

Cave-walls and roof all shrinking, dwindling, drawing down upon him.

She approached with some shrinking begotten by a suspicion of what she was desired to see.