Coy [adjective]

Definition of Coy:

very modest

Synonyms of Coy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coy:

Sentence/Example of Coy:

But Rosa had been too coy to Alfred's evident devotion—almost repellent at seasons.

He was among the fleetest, and after some coy dallying he stood still until the athletic Sioux came beside him.

In the mean time she is coy—awaiting the result of your search.

All which coy suggestions La Mothe Fnlon, astute courtier that he was, knew well how to answer.

It was common for coy damsels and staid matrons to wend their way to Lizzie's cot about twilight, to have their fortunes spaed.

Uncertain, coy and hard to please is correct, and I suppose some of them can be ministering angels—yes, God bless them!

She drooped her head with the coy, pretty shyness of a bird, listening to words that seemed to her all poetry and music.

It bears this name because, when coming from Coy Inlet, the Indian women always enter the valley by that route.

"I'm afraid I have been burning the midnight oil a little," she admitted with a sort of coy bravado.

Rumania, facing Austria with Russia on her flank, also much courted, was even more coy than Italy.