Unassertive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unassertive:

That the squatters did not themselves recognise the worth of one so unassertive was not to be wondered at.

He was an unassertive, unassuming man, with a genius for being inconspicuous.

Would not he too have been melancholy, quiet, unassertive, almost as uninteresting and uninterested as Booth was?

The Eversleighs were very fond of their house, and, in an unassertive way, proud of it.

Her beauty was not heightened now, but it was displayed with all the grave consciousness of an unassertive renown.

In her mind she fixed him in contrast with Transley, the self-confident and aggressive, and Linder, the shy and unassertive.

Mrs. Shelley walked to a mirror and looked thoughtfully at her unassertive reflection.