Proud [adjective]

Definition of Proud:

pleased, pleasing

Opposite/Antonyms of Proud:

Sentence/Example of Proud:

Mrs. Higbee hovered near him with an air of proud ownership.

"You'll be too proud to walk with your ould mother," said Mrs. Malone.

And if we look to the condition of individuals what a proud spectacle does it exhibit!

Who would not be proud of such a relation as Miss Clarissa Harlowe?

You're a proud man; you've never quit a trail yet before the end of it.

The second third of this century has been a time of proud achievement.

He was besides too proud to manifest his interest in the special contents of this letter.

Giggleswick is also the proud possessor of a school founded in 1512.

He had been proud of his children: they were like those of any common stock!

They have the ferocity of a chained dog, and are proud of it.