Dignified [adjective]

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Rickover retired from the Navy as its longest-serving officer and his successors carried on the tradition of screening each officer candidate, but with a slightly more dignified approach.

Miss Manners acknowledges that this is less efficient than social media posts, but she maintains that it is also more dignified.

The idea has always been to empower these musicians toward dignified livelihoods as opposed to giving them handouts, which is unsustainable.

The search for dignified, ethical alternatives to incarceration is an important one, but electronic ankle monitors are simply not an ethically or technologically effective answer.

“The spiteful debate mirrors a country that is no longer even capable of having a dignified discussion,” read a scathing editorial published by Switzerland’s right-leaning Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper Wednesday morning.

He was a very dignified man, and his manner was nearly always calm, no matter how stirred up he might have felt in his mind.

This does not seem strange when we know what a sober, serious, dignified man Yung Pak's father was.

There are some bold hights dignified as mountains below Coblentz, but the finest of the scenery is above.

It may be added that they start with the most dignified part of this crown of creation, viz., the human head.

I was proud to see that woman dance; there was something so firm and dignified, and yet natural in her motion.