Unimpressive [adjective]

Definition of Unimpressive:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unimpressive:

Sentence/Example of Unimpressive:

The visit to the registrar's office had been short and unimpressive.

He began to speak softly into it in his gentle, unimpressive voice.

The country is flat, and, viewed from the rail or high road, unimpressive.

The data were far from complete but the published total was not unimpressive.

There was a moment's silence while she did unimpressive things with her fan.

Hideous as the face now was, there was a dignity of sorrow in it which was not unimpressive.

The one is as unimpressive as a cart; the other as imposing as a man-of-war in the yard.

After it, everything else was bound to fall flat, dull, and unimpressive.

Joe looked at them as they lay there, innocent and unimpressive.

Their features were unimpressive and, in too many instances, shockingly incomplete.