Typical [adjective]

Definition of Typical:

usual, conventional

Opposite/Antonyms of Typical:

Sentence/Example of Typical:

The fate of the ancestor had been typical of that of his descendants.

In the lives of great men the typical tragedies are likely to repeat themselves.

It was not the typical fur town of the Far North, but it lay at the threshold.

Edith Longworth could hardly be said to be a typical representative of the English girl.

They have been largely copied as typical examples of American humour.

One way to begin to understand the typical American is to take a look at him in Europe.

The typical romanticist, as we have seen, is a man of moods.

Yet it is precisely this kind of humor which has been the delight of some of the most typical American minds.

It is also the case with the Erinaceidæ, or at least with its typical sub-family of hedgehogs.

Typical also, is its social solidarity, its swift emotionalism of the masses.