Essential [adjective]

Definition of Essential:

important, vital

Synonyms of Essential:

Opposite/Antonyms of Essential:

Sentence/Example of Essential:

Like plenty of other modern direct-to-consumer companies, influencer marketing has been an essential part of Fabletics’ journey.

Before understanding Canix, it’s essential to know the landscape of growing legal cannabis in the United States.

These changes have stopped the essential flow of nutrient-rich sediment to the river’s deltas and the wetlands they support.

We know that our body is colonized by microbes, particularly in the gut, which perform metabolic processes essential to our lives.

Thus, it is essential to build public confidence in the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, so more people will volunteer to get vaccinated.

Indeed, she finds, mistakes are an essential part of learning.

The mere fact that I am a manifestation of Reality doesn’t entail that I have cognitive access to the essential nature of Reality.

It goes beyond the actual dollars, though, as recruiting and retaining a committed group of donors is essential to a nonprofit’s longevity, says Laura Tomasko, policy program manager at the Urban Institute.

Such tests should be used for screening people en masse in settings like nursing homes, essential workplaces, and communities that have limited testing resources, proposes a team at Duke University’s Margolis Center for Health Policy.

Water itself is of course essential to the growth of every plant, but the benefits of Irrigation reach far beyond this.