Unnecessary [adjective]

Definition of Unnecessary:

not required

Opposite/Antonyms of Unnecessary:

Sentence/Example of Unnecessary:

Everybody said that he had only succeeded in showing that his resignation was unnecessary.

None of them should be used, however, because they are unnecessary.

I knew well enough that his anxiety had been on my account, but it was so unnecessary!

But, for the clothworker's purpose, this purification is unnecessary.

Comment on them is unnecessary, as they speak forcibly for themselves.

Amory felt a stir of most unnecessary emotion; he understood Tom.

He had known Jack's governor for years, and so a too formal introduction was unnecessary.

The play is so well known that a synopsis of it is unnecessary.

I owe it to your friendship not to torment you with unnecessary apprehensions.

All the villains and other unnecessary people would be polished off.