Undesirable [adjective]

Definition of Undesirable:

offensive, unacceptable

Opposite/Antonyms of Undesirable:

Sentence/Example of Undesirable:

A damp cellar has always been considered to be undesirable, but just why nobody knows.

The roof of the spring-chamber may be of plank, but this is temporary and undesirable.

The search for homes carried them into the most undesirable sections.

How to protect your emotional nature from undesirable vibrations.

I have defied her from the first and now I am rated as an undesirable boarder.

It is often undesirable to have nail heads show, as in a top.

How can a customer who buys largely, and pays promptly, be undesirable?

What is desirable is not always necessary, while that which is necessary may be most undesirable.

Liberty is good, but I thought it might be undesirable to be a slave to my own freedom.

It would be alike impossible and undesirable to attempt to separate them.