Unsatisfactory [adjective]

Definition of Unsatisfactory:

insufficient, inadequate

Synonyms of Unsatisfactory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsatisfactory:

Sentence/Example of Unsatisfactory:

Under these unsatisfactory conditions, the negotiations opened.

"You are a most unsatisfactory person," she said gravely after a few moments.

Unsatisfactory as the interview was, it yet gave me a little hope.

It was an unsatisfactory interview that Danny had with the Chief.

The replies were unsatisfactory, commonplace, sometimes ludicrous.

There was a good deal more of this sort of thing, but it was all quite as unsatisfactory.

The young minister tried, but the answers were unsatisfactory, even to him.

The memories were childish and unsatisfactory, but they were memories.

The questioning was most unsatisfactory to the Prussian officers who conducted it.

(e) When battery is more than a year old and action is unsatisfactory.